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Private Pilot - Airplane

Develop the skills you need for a long-term career as a pilot, with the help of our first class instructors, first class aircraft, and first class maintenance crew. As part of this training program you’ll receive up to 50 hours of flight instruction, 40 hours of ground instruction, plus the books, materials, and tests you need to develop as a beginner pilot. Whether you want to become a private pilot, move towards an ATP license, or develop your skills as a hobbyist or professional, this class can help you achieve your goals.

Private Pilot - Helicopter

Develop the skills to become one of the rarest—and most desirable—pilots in the world. The rotor division at First Class Flight Academy offers first class instruction overseen by experienced medevac and corporate pilots, using first class machines. You’ll receive up to 40 hours of flight instruction, combined with 40 hours of ground instruction and the necessary books, tests, and materials necessary to learn how to pilot a helicopter. Nurture your skills for a career as a first class corporate, medevac, or military pilot. You can also develop these skills for recreation or, if you’re a professional, you can use this training as a skill refresher.

Helicopter Turbine Transition Package

Interested in diversifying your skills as a pilot and becoming a first class helicopter pilot that is ready to tackle any challenge? Develop your skills as a pilot for turbine transition helicopters to complement the basics of traditional helicopter flight. Under the same excellent team of medevac and corporate pilots who oversee our private pilot helicopter training course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a first class turbine transition helicopter pilot. The course includes 10 hours of dual flight instruction and 10 hours of ground flight instruction, plus all the books and coursework necessary to develop this new skillset.

Advanced Aircraft – Initial & Transition

Have an aircraft and need either initial or recurrent training? Our highly experienced instructors offer both initial and recurrent certification in the following helicopters:

  • Eurocopter/Airbus (AS350 Series, EC135, H135, EC145, H145)
  • Bell Helicopter (Bell 206, Bell 407, Bell 430)
  • August Westland (AW139)
  • Sikorsky (S76)
  • Robinson (R22, R44, R66)

Both domestic and international training available.

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