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Private Pilot

Develop the skills you need for a long-term career as a pilot, with the help of our first class instructors, first class aircraft, and first class maintenance crew. As part of this training program you’ll receive up to 50 hours of flight instruction, 40 hours of ground instruction, plus the books, materials, and tests you need to develop as a beginner pilot. Whether you want to become a private pilot, move towards an ATP license, or develop your skills as a hobbyist or professional, this class can help you achieve your goals.

Commercial Pilot

Have an aircraft and need either initial or recurrent training? Our highly experienced instructors offer both initial and recurrent certification.

Both domestic and international training available.

commercial pilot training for airlines

Learn about common flight training questions

In flight training is the practical component of flight school training and learning to fly a plane. It gives pilots the opportunity to fly the aircraft under supervision from the certified flight instructor.

Ground school teaches pilots the theoretical aspects of flying. This include aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, and aviation regulations.

Flight time does not expire. Your flight instructor will teach you how to log flight time properly in your logbook.

Start with a memorable experience with an introductory flight to get a taste for aviation and experience being in a small aircraft. 

Next, you sign up to a flight school and start your private pilots training. Once you complete the ground school, in flight training and final certification you can move onto the next course if you desire to become a commercial pilot or flight instructor. 

Flight Instrument training

Learn to safely fly in the clouds and gain a level of proficiency required to be a professional aviator.

Commercial Rating

This is where you master the art of aviation, learn to pilot your aircraft with consistency and utmost professionalism.

Multi Engine Rating

Complexity starts when you double your engines – learning this prepares you for the airliners!

Certified flight instructor

You’ll be ready to begin instructing and on your way to your dream job.

Certified flight instructor instrument

Intensifies your experience and teaching abilities now instructing instrument training.

Multi engine instructor

Mastery and instructor qualification over multi-engine aircraft is a must for the professional pilot.

Type rating

Get the largest advantage in the industry when interviewing with our Type Rating Simulators. Choose either the Boeing 737NG or Airbus A320.

Speak to our team to learn for current tax information in the state of Maryland.

Flight training  is taken for a variety of reasons. From hobby aviation enthusiast to commercial pilot career path ambitions.

Flight training  is taken for a variety of reasons. From hobby aviation enthusiast to commercial pilot career path ambitions.

The length of flight school has many factors to determine completion times. Common factors include the amount of time available per week or month to attend flight lessons and the type of aircraft being flown. 

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