Commercial Pilot License | Airplane Training

Career Training Program

Modern Fleet

First Class Aircraft complete with an entirely glass cockpit training fleet. Train in what you will be flying for a career or the best equipped cockpit in the skies as an amazing hobby.

Expert Instructors

Carefully vetted instructors that exceed industry standards providing not only the highest-quality training available, but customer centric learning as well.

Airline Careers

Don't just build hours and figure it out on your own. First Class nurtures your career from start to transition to a Regional Airline, Corporate Flight Department, or Advanced Aircraft Transition.

Rapid Financing

Get your training funds approved in minutes and begin a rewarding career or incredible hobby. All in-house and with help from our instruction concierge.

Become a Commercial Pilot

Develop the skills you need for a long-term career as a pilot, with the help of our first class instructors, first class aircraft, and first class maintenance crew. As part of this training program you’ll receive flight instruction, ground instruction, plus the books, materials, and tests you need to become a professional pilot. Whether you want to get hired by a major airline or fly charters in Alaska, this class can help you achieve your goals.

Get started in aviation

We offer First Class Training, First Class Aircraft, First Class Maintenance, and First Class Customer Service.

Start a Career as a Pilot

Allow us help you begin one of the most rewarding careers. Our training division, overseen by corporate pilots, will instill sound judgement and skill to help you achieve one of the most rewarding licenses available!

Progress to Advanced aircraft

Offering simulator and twin-engine platforms, a First Class Transition will get you down the runway in the best aircraft available.

Our Process


This is where it all begins, from your initial flight, your first solo, to your final checkride to obtain your private pilot license. This is the starting point to become a professional pilot!


Learn to safely fly in the clouds and gain a level of proficiency required to be a professional aviator.


This is where you master the art of aviation, learn to pilot your aircraft with consistency and utmost professionalism.


Complexity starts when you double your engines - learning this prepares you for the airliners!


You'll be ready to begin instructing in our fleet of Cirrus aircraft and on your way to your dream job.


Intensifies your experience and teaching abilities now instructing instrument training.


Mastery and instructor qualification over multi-engine aircraft is a must for the professional pilot.


Amass your required hours to go to the airlines and launch your airline career


Get your training funds approved in minutes and begin a rewarding career or incredible hobby. All in-house and with help from our instruction concierge.

Contact Us Today

We offer all of the expertise, equipment, and convenience of a luxury flight school without the luxury price tag. With First Class Flight Academy, you can develop your skills in a premium environment. As part of our training, you’ll experience flight instruction at the hands of experienced instructors, using quality aircraft in great condition. Contact us below to discover how we can help you achieve your dreams!

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